Vivian Rambarath-Parasram LL.B LL.M (IMO IMLI) LEC

Director & Head

Vivian is an Attorney at Law with over 20 years’ experience in Maritime law, international environmental law, corporate governance and commercial law. She has been affiliated with The University of Trinidad and Tobago since 2007 and joined the full time faculty at the Maritime Campus in 2008. During this time she has developed degrees and courses that are specifically designed to fuel the development of the local and regional maritime industry. Vivian is the course leader for a suite of maritime law courses ranging from marine environmental protection to admiralty law. Vivian was appointed programme leader for all of Maritime Studies between the periods of 2012-2015 and resumed this role in June 2016. Prior to joining the UTT Vivian spent 9 years as a researcher, principal investigator and eventually Officer in Charge of the Legal and Policy Research Programme at the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA). Vivian also spent 3 years in the Business Energy and Tax practice area of the Lex Mundi law firm of M. Hamel-Smith & Company. During the span of her career, Vivian has frequently and successfully managed major commercial and academic projects. Vivian’s primary areas of research interests include: maritime border security, marine surveillance and determining methods for overcoming legal and institutional challenges to maritime regulatory reform in the Caribbean Commonwealth.

Captain Sukhjit Singh Master Mariner

Deputy Director & Technical Head

Captain Sukhjit Singh is a Senior Lecturer at UTT with over 18 years of active service on-board various types of merchant marine vessels. His key areas of specialization include new building supervisions & trials, dry docks, initial surveys, development and implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP). With good knowledge and understanding of various aspects of Maritime Operations and expertise in developing Human Resources and Energy management practices he is currently pursuing research interests in Energy efficiency, Integrated Management Systems and Safety Management within Maritime domain. Further buoyed by MS in International management (Oil and Gas) from University of Liverpool, he is presently pursuing research to determine the influence of Human factors in achieving Energy Efficiency within a shipping Multi National Corporation. At UTT he serves as Team Lead to navigation programmes and primary liaison to the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, one of the key stakeholders of the UTT.

Stephan Nanan BSc. MSc.

Green House Gas Advisor

Stephan Nanan is a Senior Instructor at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) who holds fourteen years combined teaching and research experience at UTT and The University of the West Indies (UWI). With a BSc. Physics and Minors in Environmental Physics and Materials Science he progressed to complete a MSc. Environmental Science and Management. His key focus area is renewable energies but has interest in reducing energy consumption and pollution associated with all modes of transportation. He has completed a number of research projects in these fields including “Designing a ‘Zero Emission House’ Appropriate for Trinidad and Tobago and Risk Assessment on Diesel Exhaust in Trinidad and Tobago”.

Suzette Balkaran

Energy Efficiency Advisor 

Suzette is a graduate of the MSc. in Operational Maritime Management, BSc. in Nautical Science/Maritime Operations and Diploma Maritime Operations-Engineering of the University of Trinidad and Tobago. She has experience training on board LPG carriers and has provided shore support to vessels engaged in local towage and harbor operations. Suzette is also a graduate of the Associate in Applied Science for Environmental Engineering of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, and engages in initiatives for the development of the maritime sector, with particular interest to the protection of the marine environment. Suzette has served as the Public Relations Officer of the Student Guild and as the Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Maritime Officers Association, and is recognized by the University of Trinidad and Tobago for her dedication to the development of the Maritime Campus.

Dr. Donnie Videsh Boodlal

Technical Advisor

Dr. Donnie Boodlal is an Associate Professor in Process Engineering. He holds a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering, an M.Sc in Industrial Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management and a Ph.D in Process Engineering.

His research efforts have been primarily focused on Sustainability, Environmental Management, Cleaner Production, GHG Inventories and GHG Mitigation. His work on the Cost-Effective Strategies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Trinidad and Tobago is highly rated and he is regarded nationally as being at the forefront of the field of sustainable emissions reductions. His work is well recognized locally and internationally. With many related publications, he was also a UNDP appointed National Expert in GHG Inventory for T&T, an expert reviewer for National Communications for the UNFCCC and a GHG Inventory & Mitigation Consultant.

Technical Secretariat

Michael Razack MSc.

MTCC Officer

Michael is a graduate of the BSc in Nautical Science/Maritime Operations from The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Razack has a background in Maritime Administration and Environmental management in the local maritime sector. He has represented the University of Trinidad and Tobago, as former student Guild President where he contributed to the development of the student population and also to various coastal management campaigns. Michael’s main area of interest is the protection of the marine environment and maritime borders by utilizing adequate Port State Control (PSC) and Flag State Control to enforce local and international rules and regulations.

Tevin Parris MSc.

MTCC Officer

Tevin is a Research Officer with the Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre for the Caribbean, and holds a B.Sc. in Maritime Operations from The University of Trinidad and Tobago. Complemented by his enrolment in the M.Sc. in Operational Maritime Management, his key areas of focus are the protection of the marine environment, maritime energy efficiency and the decarbonization of the world’s merchant fleet. Tevin took an interest in the protection of the environment from a young age, which continued as President of the Nautical Pioneers group during his time as an undergrad where he spearheaded the “Save the Gulf” campaign; an awareness initiative to remove derelict and abandoned vessels from Trinidad’s west coast. He also has experience in the oil and gas industry with a global energy major and an offshore supply vessel company, which has provided him with an intimate understanding of the need for maritime energy efficiency. This has fuelled his current involvement with energy efficiency in offshore supply vessels and the formulation of solutions to climate concerns through action in the Maritime sector.

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